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Camouflage Types of Camo Offered at Army Navy Shop Store

woodland camouflage
Woodland Camouflage

traditional style of camo. mimics the colors found in nature and the woods. earthy natural tones. a classic style of camouflage that is always in fashion.

woodland camo is the most ubiquitious of all the camouflages and is available in every style of clothes and accessories. available for men, women and kids.
urban tiger camo
Urban Tiger Camo

grey and black tones. very urbane. a city style take on the concept of camouflage fashion. the wavy, tiger stripe like pattern is masculine and cosmopolitan. it's neutral color scheme goes with most any other color.

Not as popular as it once was, Urban Tiger camo is limited to fatigue pants.
ultra violet camouflage
Ultra Violet Camouflage

as the name implies it made up of shades of purple. it's a fun style of camo that's great for kids and teens. it's a youthful, fresh style of camouflage fashion.

Ultra violet  camo is availabe in a modest selection of shirts, hats, shorts and pants.
tri color desert camo
Tri Color Desert Camo

tri color is a modern take on traditional army desert camouflage. it's a smoother, lighter pattern. it's currently a hot trend in fashion camo and is therefore readily available in all manner of apparel for adults and kids.
tiger stripe camouflage
Tiger Stripe Camouflage

tiger stripe camo is the melding of woodland camo into the form of a tiger's stripes. it's a hip, urban look that is maculine and stylish. an old style of camo that's still popular into the 21st century. it's similar to smokey branch and may be suitable in some hunting environments.
subdued camouflage
Subdued Camoufage

subdued camo is a vintage, faded look applied to woodland and pink camouflage. it's a femine look and is only available in girls and womens clothes.
solid olive drab
Olive Drab

Not your usual camo. Not in the pattern sense anyway. But olive drab has long been considered a camouflage color nonetheless. A nature inspired military staple for centuries, this stylish color is loved by all ages and genders. The solid print also means there's plenty of room for fun graphics.
desert digital camo
Digital Desert Camo

Thanks to the popularity of acu digital and woodland digital camouflage there is a new digital camo player on the block. Desert camouflage is now available in this fashion forward digital print. A great fashion look for all ages and genders.
digital subdued
Subdued Digital Camouflage

A vintage, faded look. acu digital camouflage with the hues and tones muted. earthy browns and ecrus make this camo a neutral style that coordinates with many solid colors. the classic nature inspired tones with the juxtaposition of the digital design make this future of camouflage fashion apparel. great for guys and gals.
retro camouflage
Retro Camo

retro camo refers to several of the old school camouflage designs. most notably: woodland classic, desert original and the ever popular olive drab.

get your groove on with any of these retrospectable styles of military inpsired apparel.
pink camouflage
Pink Camo

camouflage isn't just for guys, women love its bold fashion-statement too. pink camouflage was created to add more female appeal to camo fashion apparel. available for kids, girls and women in all types of female clothes.
sky blue
Sky Blue Camo

a bold and bright fashion choice suitable for all ages and genders. sky blue camo is one of the first of the fashion color variations on traditional camouflage. it's bright, fun and still quite popular after many, many years.
savage orange camo
Savage Orange

a neon-like camouflage color for those who really want to stand out. you'll practically glow in the dark wearing this color of camo.

so get a pair of sunglasses and try on some orange camouflage for size. limited styles.
digital camo
ACU Digital Camouflage

digital camo was created by the US military sometime in the the 2000's as a reflection of today's digitized society. in essence it is classic woodland camouflage pixelated to look computerfied. it's current, it's cool and it looks great. it's available in all forms of clothes, bags and accessories.
digital woodland
Woodland Digital Camo

is similar to acu digital, but it uses a darker color scheme borrowed from original woodland camouflage hues. it still has that modern pixelated design like regular digital camouflage, but the dark greens and browns give it a more woodsy, outdoorsy feel. it's available in many sizes and styles. it's popular and the selection is growing fast.
yellow camo
Stinger Yellow

once a popular choice stinger yellow camo has sadly fallen out of favor. it is however still available in pants and a t-shirt.
smokey branch camouflage
Smokey Branch Camouflage

a true hunter's camouflage, it's designed to mimic the forest and disguise hunters from their prey. it's available in apparel to cover hunters from head to toe, warm weather or cold.
desert camouflage
Desert Camouflage

a classic military style camo that never goes out of style. it's a rugged, old-school look that's readily available in shirts, hats, pants and more.
city camo
City Camo

the hardest working camouflage there is. versatile, time-tested and gender/age neutral. it's shades of light to dark grey make it easy to coordinate and unlikely to ever go out of style.

an african style take on camouflage. it never did gain the popularity it deserved. it's uinique and gritty. maybe it can still make a comeback. currently limited to pants and a hat.
red camo
Red Camouflage

a classic camo variation. some people love the color red. if you do, this is the camo for you. it's as red as red gets. available as pants, a t-shirt and a fatigue cap.