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Sabre Breast Cancer Pepper Spray (Kr-Nbcf-02)
Sabre Breast Cancer Pepper Spray (Kr-Nbcf-02)
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sabre breast cancer pepper spray (kr-nbcf-02)
sabre is donating $0.50 from the sale of every unit to the national breast cancer fund.

0.54 ounces/15 grams. 4 year shelf life. does not contain uv dye and only has 2% oleoresin capsicums. pocket size on a keyring. least expensive model. ballistic stream spray which decreases wind blow back. shoots 8-10 feet. contains approx. 25 shots.

state regulations: can be sold in all 50 states except ny and ma. in order to purchase in ny and ma, customer must have an ffl license or be a registered pharmacy.

hazmat orm‐d consumer commodity can be shipped by ground methods in consumer commodity quantities. cannot be shipped by air.

these items are also export controlled eccn # 1a984 requires license to be shipped outside the united states.