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Mini Military Purple Heart Medal
Mini Military Purple Heart Medal
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mini military purple heart medal

criteria: the purple heart is awarded to any member of the u.s. armed forces or any civilian national who, while serving in any capacity with the u.s. armed forces, has been wounded or killed in any of the following circumstances:

a) while engaged in combat against an enemy after april 5, 1917
b) while serving in combat with friendly foreign forces of the united states after april 5, 1917
c) as a result of a terrorist attack after march 28, 1973
d) as a result of military operations while serving as part of a peacekeeping force after march 28, 1973

established: originally established on august 7, 1782 as the badge of military merit by general george washington. revived in 1932 by general douglas macarthur as the purple heart.

** this item is manufactured by a u.s. factory certified by the institute of heraldry **